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Virtually any style of blind can be motorised

Motorising a blind allows for the simplicity and comfort of automation, where operation is based on environmental conditions such as temperature or light levels. In this way, you can ensure shading is always in the ideal position to maximise comfort and potential energy savings.

Automation can be achieved using timers or a growing number of dedicated home automation systems, some of which provide links to tablets and smartphones, so blinds can be adjusted from anywhere with a Wi-Fi connection, even if you’re not at home.

Ideally automation should be considered when deciding on new blinds and shutters and Bay Blinds will be able to provide expert advice. However, with new battery operated motors it is possible to retrofit to existing blinds.

External blinds such as awnings are often automated for safety reasons – a sensor will retract the awning should the wind speed exceed operational limits.

The power consumption of modern blind motors and controls is extremely low and some smaller blinds can be operated by batteries with solar panel back-up.

For the ultimate in comfort and convenience and to maximise energy savings, take a look at automation.